summer internships and success

summer internships and success

How To Create Your Own Business

An Idea for a Business
bright ideaThe beginning stages of an idea are usually exciting. You begin to think of ways to improve your idea. You might even find a new way to introduce your idea to the world. The main thing to remember is to come up with an idea that revolves around your area of expertise. Along with this concept, you also have to fuse your idea with what the world needs. Once you have these areas covered, you can proceed in making your idea into a business and a reality. Let’s look at some of the steps you can take that will help you create your own business.

The Proper Funding
Motivation and short-term goals are two factors that are essential in the beginning. Do not get discouraged if you come up short on a couple of goals. Never lose sight on your goal that you have for your business. Finding the proper funding to get your business started is one of those things that can be frustrating. However, once you find the funds, the results can be rewarding. The first step you can take is to look for grants that the government sometimes gives away to businesses. If you cannot qualify for a grant, the next best thing is to apply for a small business loan.

A Business Project
You have your choices of starting your business from your home or investing in a small building. Whichever choice you decide to take, you need to transform your new layout into a place where you can conduct all of your business transactions. If you think you cannot renovate the layout yourself, it would be best to hire a contractor. When it comes to electrical work, make sure you have your business fitted properly to meet all of your technological needs. Moreover, the staff or the business owner can probably do small jobs that include painting and decorating. By doing this, you will save a little money.

Advertisement, Promotions and the Future
You need to advertise to let people know what your business can do for them. Aside from advertisement, you also have to offer promotions that will attract customers to your place of business. As soon as you establish a stable clientele, you can find ways to branch out to other places. Making your business unique and always coming up with innovations can help keep your business successful for many years to come.

Some ways to figure out if your business plan is working that way you planned. If not then there are some changes you can do to make it a success and continue that trend into the future.

What Will I Gain from an Entrepreneur Organization?

It was late December 2008, just a few days before the holidays that I found myself laid off. Looking around at the dwindling prospects for employment, I decided to start my own freelance business.

I certainly had the “know how” to do the job. I worked plying my profession for many years as an employee. But running a business? Not so much. Still innocent, I bravely ventured into the world of the business owner. I was smart enough to contact the Small Business Administration and SCORE Association counselors. The best piece of advice they both gave me was to join an entrepreneur organization.

college students at entreprenur organizationAn entrepreneur group was a new concept to me. I was aware that those organizations existed. At the time, I was more interested in keeping my employer happy. Now I was entering uncharted territory. The education I received from the entrepreneur organization carried me from being an expert at my profession to operating a business.

Being able to network with other business professionals provided me with a wealth of business experience. These people were willing to listen to my questions and provide recommendations that worked. Hearing an accountant presenting a talk on vetting customers proved immediately invaluable. The information he gave allowed me to determine whether it was worthwhile to take a job or not. Had I not been a member of this entrepreneur group it would have taken me getting burned a few times to learn this lesson.

Being a freelance consultant, I was often in the position of making referrals to customers. This business organization enabled me to have a trusted base of professionals to refer. As a new business owner, I would not have had this resource base immediately. One elderly couple I worked for needed help with some simple accounting. I did not provide accounting services. Given their age and what they needed, they were easy prey for someone who might take advantage. I had a list of pre-vetted professionals ready to take on this small job.

What do you gain? For the amount of time invested in an entrepreneur organization, the benefit is significant. You gain a network of people interested in helping you succeed as a business owner. You gain an instant resource base. You can confidently make recommendations because you gain a perspective of the products or services offered by fellow members. You receive information on marketing, government regulations, and a friendly group to help you grow your business.

Strategize Your Success

“In getting ready for battle I’ve at all times discovered that plans are useless, however planning is indispensable.”

 The 34th U.S. President, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, said the following: dwight eisenhower

1.    Determine the Problem you’re Hoping to Resolve.
That is a very powerful factor to know about your business. All the pieces you do from this moment on out will do in correcting this dilemma.
2.    Determine Specifically what you’re Marketing
You’re being paid in your services or products, however that’s not what you’re advertising. It is advisable promote the advantages to what you’re contributing. Let them know how you can clear up their issue.
3.    Do In-depth Analysis of your Service or Create your Product.
Find out how different companies are providing their product or service. Study from their business and every thing that they’re doing. Then duplicate their success.
4.    Have a Very Good Grasp of your Start-up Expenses.
You need to know precisely how much you need to get on track. After getting a quantity recorded, make it twice as many it. You should have surprising costs.

Inspirational Quotes

Each time I’m displeased with how some matters are transpiring, I seek out my quote information for aid. I always find at the least one which covers to exactly the issue I’m experiencing.

By some means, knowing I’m not the one one to have doubts, struggle or need to be reminded to remain optimistic and focused makes me feel well again. Along with the words of knowledge offer good reminders to persist, act|, be thankful and be content.

I for one am a giant fan of quotes for inspiration.  I really like that a lot energy can come out of a simple sentence. They help us to understand the ideas and encourage us to be more -   Brian Moaddeli

1.         “Your arrows do not carry, observed the master; because they do not reach far enough spiritually.” – Zen Master

2.          “Be great in little things.” – St. Francis Xavier

3.          “Be a life long student, read as many books as possible.” – Nelson Mandela

4.          “Calamity is the test of integrity.” – Samuel Richardson

5.          “Beware of those who stand aloof and greet each venture with reproof. The world would stop if things were run by men who say ‘it can’t be done.” – Samuel Glover

6.          “To win one hundred battles in one hundred victories is not the ACME of skills. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the ACME of skill.” – Sun Tzu

7.          “You are in a war. You must plan to take the other guy down first and do it. Winning is not the best thing; it’s the only thing. If it were not, no one would keep score. To win the war, you must take charge. You must set the organization’s objectives, establish a chain of control, delegate, appraise performance, adjust and act.” – The Mafia Manager

8.          “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” – Winston Churchill

9.          “When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.” – Donald Trump      

10.         “Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste death but once.” – William Shakespeare

Q&A with Brian Moaddeli: Why College Internships Matter More Now than Ever

The current Vice President of Northern and Southern California branches of College Works Painting, a respected entrepreneurial leadership program, Brian Moaddeli experienced outstanding success as an entrepreneur while still in high school and hasn’t slowed down since. Brian Moaddeli now shares his perspective on the value of college internships and how they can significantly influence post-graduate success.

Is it better to sign up for summer school or take an internship?

Consider the summers between your years in college as opportunities to add dimension to your experience. These summers can truly make a difference in how potential employers view you in an interview or on your resume when applying for jobs after graduation. If like most students you’re studying full-time during the school year, I’d recommend you use the summer break to look into other meaningful experiences. To me, an internship is a great way to expand your horizons, since it allows you to gain work experience, network, and develop your resume. If an internship isn’t for you, try finding something that shows your initiative like volunteering internationally, or studying abroad and learning a new language. Challenge yourself and push your boundaries and you’ll effectively impress in future interviews and enrich yourself as an individual.

I’ve always wanted to work for a certain organization, but they aren’t hiring for entry level positions. What can I do?

If your dream is to work for a certain company or organization, the best way to get a long-term position is to become an intern for them while you’re still in school or recently graduated. In some industries, like fashion or sports, interning one of the only ways to break in, but the competitive nature of today’s job market has made working as an intern much more common than in years past. Working as an intern can help you build experience and network with current company employees, as well as show off your skills and prove that you’re worth a full-time position. If the company you love isn’t hiring, be tenacious and ready to do whatever it takes (even working unpaid). If you can work it out, the experience and ‘foot in the door’ you gain could pay off in landing your dream job.

Isn’t it better to concentrate on education while I’m in school and then working after graduation?

I feel there is a misconception floating around college campuses that students will be able to land a job after graduation based solely on their degree and aspirations. In today’s economy students are competing harder than ever for that first job, enabling employers to be more selective about which candidates to hire—which basically means, students need to do everything they can to distinguish themselves from the pack. “Strong communication skills” and “a great work ethic” are wonderful qualities to have, but exemplifying them through work experience is much more powerful to a potential employer than simply talking about them. Employers are more likely to think, ‘If they haven’t done it by the time they’re a senior, what’s to say they’re going to do it post-grad?’ Develop yourself into a well-rounded individual before jumping into the job market after college, and your actions will back up your words.